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Thursday, December 22, 2005

冬至 Winter Solstice

冬至最捧的是可以提早下班,回我媽家裡做節吃飯。不過,碰巧大王出差了不在香港,少了一個人幫忙,我沒有帶這只又肥又重的 Tigger 弟弟回去,讓他和 Natalie 小姐留在家裡吃吞拿魚罐罐算了。就因為沒有帶 Tigger 弟弟回去,我那個暴龍妹妹一整晚都在埋怨,說很想跟 Tigger 玩,可是, Tigger 弟弟卻偷偷告訴我,他樂得不用 entertain 暴龍姨姨,他本來就最怕被過份熱情的暴龍姨姨抱!而且,在家裡又可以在吃飽後睡個懶覺,不用他去就最好了!

(A little translation for friends who can't read Chinese)
Today is Winter Solstics, a traditional Chinese festival, and I am allowed to off work earlier to have dinner with my family. (It's just like American's Thanksgiving) According to the Chinese Lunar Year calendar, Winter Solstics is the day with the longest night in the year and Chinese people would have a feast to celebrate it. Usually I would bring Tigger back to my mom's place for Chinese festival dinners, however, since my boyfriend is on business trip, I do not want to carry this 14lbs Tigger to my mom's place. Instead, I let him stay home with Natalie to enjoy canned tuna. My youngest sister isn't too happy about that, as she wants to play with Tigger. She keeps bugging on me all night long but actually, Tigger was quite happy to stay home... and to stay away from my over-passionate sister. :P


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